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Termoventiler CC Controller / Actuator

£200.66 ex. VAT
£240.79 Inc. VAT

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Thermomatic CC is a constant regulator for controlling a rotating 3 way mixing valve with a 90 degree opening angle.

CC has an adjustable set point of between 0?99?C

CC can be used for constant maintenance of both cooling and heating applications.

CC is used to regulate the return temperature of solid fuel boilers, to charge accumulator tanks, to regulate fl ow line temperatures to radiators/underfloor heating circuits, swimming pools and other heating and cooling applications. This version is not suitable for domestic warm water regulation.

CC is easy to install and use. Settings are made using the touch buttons on the actuator, which are resistant to mechanical contact, as well as dust and moisture.

This is how Thermomatic CC works

CC has a microprocessor-controlled regulator that keeps the set temperature at a constant level.

CC has 2 yellow lamps that show which direction the actuator is turning, a green lamp that lights for normal operation and a red lamp that lights if there are sensor faults.

The Thermomatic CC Controller can fit all Termoventiler 3 way valves and the Esbe VRG 133, 133 range of 3 way valves.