Thermal Storage

A wide range of buffer tank products from 12 - 15,000 litres. Our buffer tanks are ideal for use with wood pellet boilers, log fired boilers and gasfication boilers.

WRAS approved unvented DHW cylinders from 80-500 litre to suit your requirements.

Pre-Insulated Pipes

Pre-insulated pipe systems from Mibec DHP, as well as Mibec DHP ‘Easy Packs’ and REHAU Everloc fittings.

Expansion Vessels

A complete range of expansion vessels for use in potable water and heating systems. A range of WRAS approved products are available from 2-1000 litre capacity.

Valves and Actuators

A range of values and actuators from Esbe, Altecnic, Termoventiler and Watts.

Plant Room

Heat meters, plate heat exchangers, pressurisation units and space heaters.

Space Heating

Volcano heaters for efficient heating of large volume spaces inside commercial, industrial and public buildings.