Heat Meters

heat meters

Mibec offer a range of heat meters that conform to the requirements of the RHI scheme, and which are fully approved Class 2 products.

Our comprehensive range of Class 2 RHI heat meters are suitable for use on biomass, solar thermal and heat pump systems. Sizes range from DN25 through to DN50 to suit both domestic and commercial RHI applications.

Itron Heat Meters

Product TitleSKUPrice
Itron DN25 Class 2 RHI Heat MeterCF-DN25HEATMTR£441.89ex VAT
£530.27inc VAT
Itron DN50 Class 2 RHI Heat MeterCF-DN50HEATMTR£655.41ex VAT
£786.49inc VAT
Itron DN32 Class 2 RHI Heat MeterCF-DN32HEATMTR£458.79ex VAT
£550.55inc VAT
Itron DN40 Class 2 RHI Heat MeterCF-DN40HEATMTR£473.91ex VAT
£568.69inc VAT

VuHeat Heat Meters

Product TitleSKUPrice
VuHeat DN50 Compact Ultrasonic Heat Meter 2" PN16 Flanged Qp 15VHU-50-P-MB£727.66ex VAT
£873.20inc VAT
VuHeat DN32 Compact Ultrasonic Heat Meter Qp 6 1 1/4"VHU-32-P-MB£404.85ex VAT
£485.82inc VAT
VuHeat DN40 Compact Ultrasonic Heat Meter Qp 10 1 1/2"VHU-40-P-MB£509.86ex VAT
£611.84inc VAT
VuHeat DN20 Compact Ultrasonic Heat Meter Qp 2.5 3/4"VHU-20-P-MB£217.79ex VAT
£261.35inc VAT